Week 7: Pond Hill Farm

IMG_9423This week was all hands on deck as we prepared for Bliss Fest Music Festival, happening this weekend. For the last eight years Pond Hill Farm Garden Cafe has had a food vendor booth where we sell our “Blissful Burritos,” this is Chef Scott’s favorite weekend of the year. One of my duties was to program this old Samsung cash register to accompany our new prices and items. It was very frustrating at first but with the help of some others, we figured out how to program it, and I even made a new (color coordinated) keyboard overlay.

This is always such a great weekend for Pond Hill because a lot of our previous interns come back to help out at the burrito booth, and Bliss Fest is just a fun place to be. I’ve been going to this festival every year of my life, and this will be my 21st year going! With headliners such as Michael Franti & Spearhead and Los Lobos, this is bound to be a fun-filled 37th Annual Bliss Fest.


A shot from the left side of Main Stage at the 36th Annual Blissfest Music Festival.


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