Week 7 at CHS

This week at CHS has been another busy one. We are getting really close to cherry harvest so there is a lot for me to do everyday. The big thing right now is scouting for brown rot in sweet cherries. They are going to start harvesting them as soon as next week so we have to get a handle on it. A huge perk of my job right now is I get to eat some of the sweet cherries as I scout. I should probably slow it down a bit but they are very tasty.

This week I have gotten to do this week is work with the MSU extension center in Traverse City. Right now as part of my job I am setting traps for Spotted Wing Drosophila. During my scouting I have to collect the traps and take them into the research center so they can determine if the traps caught any. Its cool getting to work with the people there because it is really enhancing my learning experience. I am really excited for the next couple weeks because of the cherry harvest. Apparently its a pretty cool time to be up here. I hope I get to help out on a farm so I can get some hands on experience with the harvest.

Another thing going on this week is the Traverse City Cherry Festival. Its been crazy around here with all of the people in town. Its funny because they have a lot of cherries at the festival but most of them are from Washington. Most of the sweet cherries are not ready in time for the festival. They have it this early so it falls in line with the fourth of July.


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