Kroger Intern-Week 4

Over the past weekend and early this week at Kroger the store was very focused on managing the crowd that came along with the fourth of July holiday. A lot of the focus was putting out eye catching displays on the walkway in front of the store doors since there would be a lot of consumer traffic coming and going. For example, the merchandising manager and I were putting out pallets that held multiple bags of charcoal as well as watermelon because those were the hot items and were relatable to the holiday. Along with these pallets at the front of the store, near the checkout lanes were loads of firework and s’more displays as a way to create impulse buys for consumers at the end of their shopping trips. The traffic in the store was much more than usual on the day before the fourth as well as the actual fourth of July. It was unlike anything I have seen from a manager’s perspective as all hands were on deck throughout the whole two days because that was what was necessary to keep the customers satisfied. (The picture below is one of the firework displays we had setup near the checkout lanes.)



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