Week 5

This was a really great time for me to be around INTL FCStone because the Dairy Spot Market trade which has been around for 99 years has just gone electronic. This was a huge celebration for dairy but it was also incredibly bitter sweet because the change of dairy from floor to electronic means that a lot of jobs were lost.
Two other interns started in my department this week and I think it proves to me how much I have learned in the last 5 weeks because of how I was able to help them. I came in knowing close to nothing about options and the futures market and what I did understand I had a very basic grasp of it. I spent most of my week trying to prove that our company was not losing money on OTC trades because we offset that position on the futures side. I have really enjoyed this work because I know that if I can identify and fix the problem that the company might actually implement my solution into their everyday plan.
Another great part about the company is that there are a decent number of other interns in different departments. We all get together once a week for lunch to discuss our experiences and what we want to take away from our internship. This helped me a lot because it made it a lot easier for me to send some end goals and explore whether or not I could see myself going long term with this company. We also hear from different heads of different departments on their life path and how they got where they are today. It is really helpful to hear about what each head thinks are the qualities to get you where you want to me in life.


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