Target week 4

I just finished interviewing my store team leader.  One thing with retail is one has to go with the flow.  Plans seem to change every day.  I had originally planned to interview him late last week, but plans had to change because of meetings and things happening at other stores he had to take care of.  Then with him being on vacation all week and not getting back until last night, I had to go with the flow.


I am at a point with my internship where I know they will be offering me a full-time position after graduation.  The best part of that is Target is all over the country and I will have the ability to relocate pretty much where ever I would want.  This is very exciting and also stressful.  As much as I have loved my experience with Target, I am still not sure if they are the company I would want to work for.  Basically, when I receive an offer it will be at the end of the internship program and I will have to give my answer before I head back to school, and before the huge job fair this fall.


The idea I could go through my entire senior year not stressing about which company to work for sounds awesome.  At the same time, is this the right move for me?  The reason I wanted to reflect on this week until after my interview is Drew, my store team lead, gave me some good insight.  Don’t worry too much about any one decision.  You can always switch fields or industries after the fact.  After he spoke with me about this, I am more confident in making a decision to work for Target.


There are some things I don’t like with Target, like their recycling.  However, the best perspective I have found is that even though there are companies way ahead of Target in that department, I could personally be one to start the shift and improve Target’s recycling initiatives.  It’s too easy to say, well I don’t like the way they recycle, I’ll just look for a company that is better.  The more rewarding approach to me is, Target has a lot of opportunities to grow when it comes to recycling and reducing waste, and I can be a leader toward that.  I find that to be the road less traveled.  It would be a challenge, but also very rewarding as well.


Now I need to start looking into pay and benefits, and what living in another city may look like.  I need some help, ideas, and resources of places I can go to figure out where I would best fit within our country.  Then I need to figure out how to navigate the negotiation process.  Does anyone have any thoughts?


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