AgriGold -Week 7

This week has been one of the most fun weeks for me yet. I started scouting and have really taken an interest in it.

The first thing I did Monday morning was root digs. A project where we used the same corn hybrid in a field. Then our region 2 agronomist sprayed different treatments on each 8 rows and compared the roots to the check or untreated hybrid to see the difference. It was a fun to see the difference a treatment can make on root length, width, and strength.

Scouting this week was a joy. I scouted a total of 21 fields this week of all shape and size. In each field I looked for the presence of weeds, nutrient deficiencies, insects, growth stage and then would take a stand count in the field. I record all of this in Advantage Acre, our ag platform via the App on my IPad. In the App you can take pictures, pull up weeds/insects in the catalogue that is provided and add them to the note bubble. The app tracks what steps you take in the field so the grower can see exactly where you went in the field and where you recorded the note and information. After you are done scouting sending over the information and scouting trip is simple, and easy for the grower to follow and gain insight on their fields. I’ve loved scouting because I know I can help growers with their fields, and be a vital process to the life of the corn plant.

In the middle of the week I went down to Indiana to help out my other corn specialist – Jason Carey with signs and to check out a plot down there, it’s always fun for me to meet growers from down there and check out how their corn is compared with ours.

I’ve included a few pics of the things I’ve found in fields as well as me with a sign!


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