Week 5 (CED)

This week was a short but exciting one. This week I was really involved with counter sales and truly started learning the intricacies of the business. In the electrical industry, there are many different terms to describe certain items. An inch and a quarter clamps could be referred to as minis or some of our wires are called unique names. One of our wires is often referred to by customers as the donkey dick. There are also many generic terms to describe certain products. A connector refers to a terminal adapter and expansion refers to expansion couplings. I have to really understand the product to be able help customers out. There are a lot of sub questions to ask to correctly get the contractors the correct material. If you don’t know what to ask, a lot of times you’re stuck wandering the warehouse wasting time. This week on wed instead of our weekly bbq, we changed it up and did a taco bar. It was frustrating at the beginning because the meat we bought wasn’t defrosted so we had to quickly think of a way to cook the meat. There was a lot more prep to the taco bar and in my opinion a lot more work. I’ve learned a lot this week; probably more than I have the other weeks. At this point in my internship I feel like i’m finally getting a grasp on the industry and how things are done.


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