John Marion Inc. Week 6

Week 6 at John Marion Inc. has been another exciting week. I was able to learn more about agronomy and how to give recommendations regarding nitrogen applications. The first three days of this week I was completing soil samples. Since most of the corn in our region is between V3 and V5 it is important to determine the appropriate amount of nitrogen within the soil. From the soil samples, I can find how much nitrogen needs to be applied to the corn. Here is a picture of the sample I took in a corn field.


We take a drill bit about 6 inches in the ground to get a good reading of the soil. We take samples from the good and bad parts of the field to get an average. After I collect the soil from the field I take them back to the elevator and run them through the soil scan machine to get an accurate reading. Telling farmers the amount of nitrogen that is in their field is a pretty unique experience. Farmers are waiting for your response, so giving them an answer that satisfies them is a great feeling.

Furthermore, this week we have been getting ready for wheat harvest. This means cleaning and sweeping out four grain bins and power washing the dump pit. It is a dirty and muddy job, but the end result is great until we start dumping wheat! As of today we are projecting the wheat to be ready in 10 days which puts us just past the 4th of July. Coming back from the long holiday weekend will be full of excitement and hard work. The pace of my internship will speed up quickly in the next week.

I didn’t come across any interesting happenings this week, but myself and the other employees are definitely getting more connected. We are making jokes on a daily basis with no hard feelings. Having a positive environment at work is really important to me. In talking to some of them I found that I have a lot of connections in and outside of agriculture. Hopefully my strong friendships I have at work will continue in the long-term. Overall this week has been very interesting with soil sampling. Learning something new everyday is definitely a true statement!


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