Indian Brook Trout Farm – Week 6

This week at work I was reminded of the importance of proper planning. We were digging out the liner of a pond that the team had set up a while ago. There was water that wouldn’t drain under the liner and it was affecting the cleaning of the pond and the space they had to raise fish on it. One of my coworkers, looking a little angry at the situation, looked at me and asked “Richard, have you heard about the seven Ps?” I said no. “Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance. Rules to live by. Remember them.”

The pond hadn’t been in use for a while because of the problems it had and those problems could have been prevented with a little more work and as my coworker says, proper planning. To fix the pond, we are digging a trench and installing a drain under the liner. This will help us to easily pump out water that can filter under it in the future. We are also burying properly the edges of the liner. These things could have been done previously and the pond would be in use now but that’s how we learn. Aquaculture is a constantly changing field where new techniques are learned all the time. We are building new ponds and the team is making sure to implement all they have learned from their mistakes. I will make sure to take all this into account when I start my own fish farm.


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