CCD Week 6

The past two weeks at the Club have been very busy for me and the rest of the Summer Village staff. The weather in Grosse Pointe Farms has been steadily clearing and heating up which brings more members and their families to the pool to enjoy the weather.

Last week was the first Home Swim meet of the season, when Red Run Golf Club came to CCD to swim against our team. The meet lasted for almost 5 hours and had the Summer Village staff running around the pool deck to ensure that both our members and the Red Run members were satisfied with the service. There are 3 more home meets at CCD and prove to be some of the busiest and latest nights for the staff, as almost every member stays for a buffet service at the club.

Two weeks ago the Club Day Camp started, which also gives a nice boost to the Summer Village lunchtime revenue. The Day Camp is a long standing tradition at CCD, and gives the members of the club a place to bring their children during the week. The Day Camp presents a chance for the children to learn new sports and activities like swimming, archery, tennis and more. The boost in children during the day also leads to an increase in family lunches at the club, as most of the families who are there to pick up their children from day camp tend to stay for lunch.

This upcoming week is the 4th of July, and presents another busy day for the club and the staff. The day is filled with outdoor activities, like building boats for boat races and other water games. The 4th tends to be one of the busier days of the summer season, so hopefully the weather holds up so the members can enjoy the day.


IMG_20170530_203523848_HDR (1)


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