Auto-Owners Week 6

Every week at AO so far has been an exciting one. This week was shortened for me as I was up north for Monday and Tuesday on a family vacation. My boss has been really good about me taking a day or two off. She understands that it is summer and I’m in college. I am thankful for this because some jobs could not let me take time as easily as they have been.

Wednesday was National Subrogation Professionals Day. Of course, we had a pot luck. Our theme was money since we bring money into the company. I made cha-ching buffalo chicken dip. It was fun, our department had lunch together and it was sort of a team building day. We got shirts made and had cake to celebrate the hard work that goes on every day.

I was very excited Wednesday as well because I was told that some of my recoveries came in from claims I worked on. I received an $854.09 check along with a few other small ones. One of my co-workers showed me how to process the check in both of our systems. All members of the team must keep a running total for how much money we bring in and with the 5 checks I received I am at $1,253.54. I was very happy because I didn’t know if I’d even be able to work on claims this summer. Now, I am bringing in over $1,000 without even working two months yet. Currently, I have about 12 claims I am working on along with some reports. I have sent out 4 demands and I’m working on sending the rest out. I am learning what I can and can’t subrogate for in terms of different coverages and states. It is interesting learning things you can and can’t send out in your demands. Some things need the insured’s approval and signed release, such as medical bills and pay stubs. I am looking forward to bringing in even more money for the company. I also must keep a monthly report and send to my boss. This is very helpful for me reflecting back on how much work I did as well as a good start to my portfolio I need to make at the end of the summer for this class.


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