Week 6 Auto-Owners

Overall this has been a very good work for me. It has gone by pretty slow because we have a four day weekend looming for the 4th of July so everyone in the office is chomping at the bit for these days off. Since I finished claim rep school last week, they have thrown me into more files and I have been getting a lot more hands on experience. Since I am an intern I cannot have my own files because they last much longer than four months, however I am still able to do pretty much everything full time claim reps do. I go into their files and help them with anything they need, or if a claim rep is out of the office for any reason, I take their place for the day and handle their files for them.

After getting through claim rep school I was hoping it would pick up and it definitely has. It can be stressful at times because there is so much money to handle and one wrong move could make us liable for the rest of the claimants life. My favorite part of the job continues to be interacting with the claimants and helping them in their time of need. Most of the calls are pleasant because you are providing coverage, however there are some difficult calls you have to make.

I am excited for this four day weekend because this will be my first time off since I started the first week of May. It is amazing how fast the summer has gone by and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can before the summer is over. Happy 4th of July!!


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