CHS week 6

This week has been a busy one at CHS. TO start out on Monday my car broke down on a farm. I got in to start it and it wasn’t having it. I called my boss and he called a couple farmers that were in the area and they came out to rescue me. We first tried jumping it but that didn’t work. Since I drive a manual we were able to give it a rolling start. The farmer tied my car to his with a rope and I put it in second gear and once I started rolling the car started up. This was awesome because  I didn’t want to have to get it towed. I was able to drive it to a garage to get it fixed. In the mean time I get to drive a company truck which is nice because my old Saab doesn’t do too well on the farms. Luckily my sales rep and boss were very helpful during all of this.

This week I had to start setting some Cherry Fruit Fly traps as well as some Spotted Wing Drosophila traps. These are huge pests to cherries in northern Michigan. The spotted wing traps were a little more complicated to set up compared to the other traps I’ve set. They were these medium sized plastic traps with a scented lure in it. Then at the bottom I put dish soap so the flies die when they go in. Next week I get to go back and collect them and take them to MSU extension so they can determine if the farmers have a problem.

These next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy for me. The cherry harvest is just around the corner especially for sweet cherries. The tart cherries have a few more weeks to go but Some of the sweets are going to be harvested within the next couple weeks. I’m disappointed that I won’t be up here when the hop and apple harvest happens. That would be cool to experience.



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