Neogen week 3

This week all my coworkers returned from their International Sales meeting in Ohio. It was good to have everyone back and get down to business as usual. I was given the task of putting together a presentation for some data I have been working on over the past week. The presentation is on two brands who both make instruments for Neogen. The instruments are for the same food safety tests, I was tasked to analyze which instrument was most cost effective and which brand’s instruments were sent back for repairs.

I also have continued to work on a competitive analysis for pathogen testing. It has been very interesting to see all the different companies and products that can be used to test for pathogens in food products. As a food industry management major it’s cool to see the testing side of the food industry as opposed to just the production.

Today I and my fellow product management intern were invited to join the monthly update meeting. We got to see all the ins and outs of the company and how they have been progressing over the last month. It was interesting to see the updates from the other departments in the company such as sales and production, because that’s not what ewe deal with on a day to day basis.


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