Frontier Promotions week 5

This week was very fun, but also extremely different from the past 3 weeks. This week I was out in Grand Rapids instead of Ferndale on a road trip. It was a fun time and I got to know some of my co workers better.

While I was out there I got the chance to practice a different style of selling by building impulse. Because I was only going to be there for a week, I didn’t have the luxury of being able to go back a few weeks later to talk to the person in charge or to close. To build impluse I had to use what we call jiffs. The biggest thing I used was fear of loss. I would tell the customer all the benefits of my product, then when they say they have to think about it, I tell them today is the last day of the promotion which makes them have to think quickly and either roll the dice and go for it or miss out on the opportunity.

All together, the trip was enjoyable and informational. I learn a lot while going out with people I wouldn’t normally go out in the field with.


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