BASF week 5

The beginning of the week I started it off working in our plant health trials. My role is to record the data from it every 10 days after the treatment. Then report it to the grower and the retailer, who are both helping with it. We had some very interesting results already just 10 days after the first fungicide treatment. Plant health is a big part of many grower’s programs for the growing season in both corn and soybeans. Our trial is focusing just on corn since it is a harder sale since many growers believe they don’t see a response. The rest of the week I was able to get some sales experience in. I went on a call for our summer fill program. It was a very interesting learning experience, learning the different account strategies. In the next coming weeks once everyone slows down I will be spending more time with sales, which I am very excited for. We have had a ton of rain in some areas over the past week. With the recent rainfall and the heat, weed growth has dramatically increased. The calls will start pouring in within the coming week on the best strategy to control them. During the week I was able to gather more pictures on Engenia applications to make sure it is doing its intended job. So far every field I have been to, it has done an excellent job on controlling Giant Rag weed and Marestail. I still have yet to hear a complaint of drifting issues whether it be with Engenia or with XtendiMax. I did get one picture of a sprayer skip in a field with Engenia showing how it doesn’t move as long as the operator follows the label. Hopefully everyone works with the label and not around it and everyone should have a great experience with dicamba beans in my area of Indiana.Engenia skip 2 6:22


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