Week3@ Speedway

I have been fully trained to work on the cash register. Learning this skill has improved my communication skill significantly. The store that I am located at happens to be right outside of the Detroit airport in Romulus. There are so many customers who walk in the door that my other responsibilities of cleaning and stocking are prioritized last, or whenever I can afford to step away from the counter. The different types of people who come into the store are never ending. I have had to communicate with people who speak broken English and those with disabilities. The more I talk to the customers, the more I enjoy my job.

Manning the register was not the only thing I mastered this week. My manager has entrusted me with scanning in vendors along with adding lottery counts. Vendors come to the store at least twice a day and it can sometimes be very challenging to step away from a long line at the counter to check in the orders. I was very excited to assume this new responsibility since only management is known to do so. Stocking cigarettes and pop is alright but I would rather be ordering or receiving them.


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