Week 5: Coyote Logistics

Week 5 is in the books and summer could not be going by at a faster rate. This was a good week for me, it is post training; week 3, and I am really starting to settle in my daily tasks. Having a set plan every morning and finding efficient methods for effective selling has play a huge part in my success up to this point. Also, this week, all of the interns were taken to a Colorado Rockies game paid for by the company which was an awesome time!

I am currently up to 25 sales total in the past weeks which adds up to approximately $50,000 in brokered freight. Today (Friday) I sold my coolest load to date: it was a beer load for Laguintas Brewing Company, picking up in Ontairo, California and going all the way across the country to Hamden, Connecticut. It was my highest sale to date at $6700.

Point of sale is the most exciting part of this job. In comparison, brokering freight is similar to brokering stocks. The market prices and capacity dictate prices or rates and rates can change daily. On some loads we take a loss…we pay more to move the freight then the customer paid us. On the contrary, most of the loads we make money on. For example, the beer load I sold today for $6700 had a $700 dollar positive margin on it, because Laguintas Brewing paid us $7400 to move it for them. The process of getting a rate approved is an exuberant back and forth bidding process between the carriers and managers who approve rates for us. A lot has to go right to get a right approved. Therefore, it is a thrill every time!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! I will try to get pictures for next week’s post, I sit in an office all day so I don’t see very many exciting things. However, I will take a picture of my set up so everyone has a perspective of my daily scenery.




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