Week 3 at Sam’s Club

For my 3rd week of my internship at Sam’s Club, they had me working with the accounting and marketing team. My first task was for me to count the amount of money that each register had on the front end of the Club. Then, I had to go to the cash office and count the amount of cash that each cashier ended with. My last step involved me matching the amount of money that I counted by hand with the amount that’s on the computer. If the amount of money was under or over $5, then corporate will penalize our club for it. Being on the accounting team taught me how to be consistent. I had to count money at least twice just in case I miss something.  On the marketing side of things, Sam’s Club has to sell memberships. One thing I found out is that they sell membership to businesses. The business membership allow business owners to shop earlier than the regular customers and they have better discounts. Each year technology is evolving, Sam’s Club as an app called Scan & go. Scan & go allow consumers to purchase an item from their basket, then a confirmation will go to their email, and the door greeter can take a look at their receipt after they’re done shopping. The Marketing team also has to go on a drive and sell membership to business owners. One thing that the marketing team lead was to make your speech short and simple. The marketing team goes to the competitor and see what strategies they are using. They mainly look at display models. Overall, I enjoyed myself this week. Next week I will be on the field helping the marketing team sell membership. It will be a challenge for me, but I will succeed. I am looking forward towards the next 7 weeks of the internship.


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