MSU Swine Farm Week 5

This week at the swine farm we set up special pens for a research project that is going on at our second farm unit that we call the ‘metabolism’ unit. In the picture I have posted, you can see that these pens are raised off the floor and are 4×4 pens. They house 2 small pigs per pen and have 2 external feeders on each one. This week we pulled the pens out of our storage barn and placed them into the metabolism unit, they’ve been power washed and the waterers have been set up. After everything has been set up large sheets up plexiglass that are an inch thick are set in grooves at the center of the pens to separate the two pigs that will be held in the pens. Setting up these research pens took most of the week to complete, other than that, we have been busy replacing more curtains that I discussed in last weeks blog. Have a great weekend!


20170622_105538 (1)


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