Indian Brook Trout Farm – Week 5

This week was interesting. We decided not to harvest to much fish this week. To harvest, we must go through all the fish in a pond which stresses them, and stressed fish do not transform food into body mass properly. At the end of the week, we noticed that the ration of harvest sized fish increased. Trout grow fast and having a week without harvest really helped fish grow. After this experiment, the production managers decided we will have a week without harvesting each month to boost fish growth rates and maintain a sustainable supply of fish in the farm.

We also started working on some new tanks. I want to have my own fish farm some day and learning tank building techniques has been an excellent experience for me. We are using steel silo panels to make round tanks. Some of the ranks will be cut and the halves will be buried to make a pond. Imagine a cylinder placed horizontally. Burry half of it and take off the top. That’s basically how the pond will look. Its sort of an experimental pond but we believe it will work.


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