GreenStone Credit Week 5

This week, I had the opportunity to go out on a real estate appraisal for a dairy! I shadowed Amanda Ruggles for the day as we toured a dairy farm in the thumb. Due to confidentiality concerns, I can’t be very descriptive of the dairy, but I can describe what we did.

First off, we took a lot of pictures. It was important to identify and note the condition of all buildings and improvements on the property. The pictures will go into the appraisal report, and they also serve to help Amanda remember her observations.

We also took at lot of measurements using a measurement wheel. We had to measure the size of all barns and bunks, and even just flat concrete pads. We toured the milking parlor and took notes on that, and of course, took several pictures.

After we finished the main farm, we got in the car to appraise the fields. I should mention that it was pouring rain all morning while we were out on the farm, and it cleared up right when we got back in the car. The farmer was nice enough to drive us around the property in the gator.

As we drove around taking pictures of the fields, I asked Amanda how she got into appraisal, which was interesting. She was working at GreenStone as a Customer Service Representative when the appraisal position opened up, and she applied because she was looking to change things up. Pretty soon, we had wrapped up all of the fields. One thing we did while driving was scanning for the environmental report, which is essentially checking for gas tanks.

After that, we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream, the perfect end to the day!

I included some pictures I took throughout the day. We didn’t count cows or anything like that because that is part of chattel appraisal, not real estate, but I am hoping to get out with a chattel appraiser in the future!






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