Week 5: Crosscon Industries

There has been a little more going on in the logistics department during week 5. We have had a couple issues this week involving our containers that come overseas from China. First of all, we have received emails this week from our container shipping company (All Points) stating that they are very backed up and that many loads are being delayed. They said that their customers had containers arriving at a level that they haven’t seen in a long time. So, we had to make sure that we would be able to receive the containers that are necessary for our shipments for the week because we need parts from those containers to complete the orders that our customers have sent us this week. As of right now it looks like we will be receiving our containers just in time to be processed and sent back out to our customers. The second issue that has come to our attention this week involving our containers is the company that receives the containers in Los Angeles and Long Beach California are on a strike. We’ve been advised that this shouldn’t affect our containers that we must receive, but you never know with this kind of stuff how it can affect the company. On top of these issues that we are having with our containers, we have been told that one of our customers called Takata is going bankrupt. Reasons I am not one-hundred percent sure why but we usually send them parts every week. I am also not sure how badly this will affect our company but I’m sure I will get more detail on the situation. All in all, this week has been very interesting and I’m curious with all the things going on this week how it will affect week 6.


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