The Andersons Inc Week 5

Interesting week to say the least! This week has been ultimately slow due to the fact that the surrounding areas received 6 inches of rain! This makes all of our customers (farmers, vegetable growers, or commercial applicators) fields and spraying areas too wet to be in, and can severely damage crops. This is especially the case for recently planted dry beans which have washed out or sprouted and now drowned. Our customers have came in and talked with us about future plans for spraying their corn (with roundup or similar products for weed prevention) and some have even talked about spraying the wheat already. Since this week has been so slow there has been a lot of down time. I have gotten a chance to know my coworkers better and we even had a barbecue this week for lunch! Some of the other employees and I have taken advantage of this down time and have cleaned out our liquid shed from all the used jugs and boxes as well as pallets and plastic packaging from this springs sprayings. We have to remove all hard plastic and labels from the 2.5 and 1 gallon jugs and then dump out the rest of the contents into a safe collection tank which we dispose of responsibly. The jugs are then put into a bag and are recycled! The picture below is all of the jugs we’ve recycled since I’ve been here! The boxes are also broken down and then recycled as well. Not being busy has allowed us to catch up on some cleaning around the facilities and some of our safety training programs.


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