Lifestyles Hot Tubs: Week 5

This week I have been working with our district manager. He’s been traveling to all the stores and educating us on some new products and new techniques with selling and handling customers. We spent a lot of time going over how to handle customer objections. Many customers come into our store thinking they know what they want, but most of them change their minds and want the better, bigger, newer tub they just don’t want to spend the extra money. That was one of the objections he was teaching us to handle; how to show the customer the extra money is worth it with the benefits they will receive from the additional features. We also discussed ways to handle customers who call just for a price. We try not to give out exact prices because promotions change all the time and some people might mis-hear over the phone causing problems when they come into the store. We even get people who call several of our stores thinking they’re going to get different prices from each store. So the main goal is to ask them question and see what type of add-ons they would like and to try to narrow them down to a more specific hot tub. From there we try to only give a price range but we are able to make the smaller since we know what they do or don’t want with their tub. Then we would go over how to structure the deal to give them what they were looking for and more. We would do a lot of role play exercises to test each other’s memory and to challenge one another. It isn’t the most fun thing to do but it definitely helps when you are face to face with a customer and they ask the same questions that you had just gone over with your regional manager. It is a great way for us to strengthen our selling abilities and to improve on our knowledge. Once we know how to overcome most objections it makes the selling process that much easier and it flows that much better. Rehearsing with someone who has been with this company for over 10 years, I learned a lot more about our products, things I never even heard before, and I also learned a lot about our company and the companies we do business with. It was overall a great learning experience working with him.

I have attached an example invoice to this with entirely fake numbers. But this is one way to structure a deal. If a customer wanted a cover cradle, steps, music system and salt system, you could throw them in the deal at no additional cost. However, since they are not normally included in a spa price, it just limits the amount of discounts I can give. Say for example I could take $8,000 off the initial price. Well I gave Gruff $4,776 in discounts. But then I gave away the salt system and the music system for free. So instead of giving them $2,600 more in discounts and then charging them for those, I just gave them away. It works the same way with the cover cradle and steps. It ends up equalling the same amount but it looks better to give them stuff versus charging them. But it all depends on the customer. This is just one example of what you could do.

Sample Invoice


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