Ball Horticulture – Week 3

With everything that has been going on, I feel like I should be further along in this internship than just three weeks. I’ve attended multiple lectures on the background of Ball, their supply chain, the history of production horticulture, and most recently Darwin Perennials Day.


Sombrero Echinacea

Darwin Perennials is a subsidiary company of Ball Horticulture. They are a supplier of cuttings, young plants, and seed to partner growers of Ball. Yesterday, they held their annual even in the trial gardens. Darwin invites greenhouses, suppliers, and other companies to view the new or improved perennials within Ball Seed Gardens. It gives growers the opportunity to see a plant in person before purchasing it December for the next year’s season.


Ball Seed Gardens

Aside from viewing the plants, there were multiple companies of greenhouse supplies in attendance. There was a plant tag provider, growers and other trial gardens of Ball’s products, production machinery, a plastics company that made pots, and irrigation companies. Multiple Ball Seed sales reps were also in attendance for the training meetings being held in the office center. It was a great networking opportunity for me, and I even scheduled a future job shadow with the sales rep back in Michigan.


The vendors at Darwin Perennials Day


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