Week 5: Pond Hill Farm

IMG_9377As promised, a picture of the newly finished entrance at Pond Hill Farm!

This week, my inventory system is nearing completion so I’ve taken on a few more tasks. One of my new roles is somewhat of a project manager, in that I’m meeting with department heads, creating a list of projects that they need completed, and designating them to either our handymen or an off-site contractor. I like doing this because I can get away from my desk and walk around the farm to find different dept. heads to meet with. It’s also cool to be able to identify projects within a department and see them come to fruition through organization on my own behalf.

Another thing I’ve started is tracking daily revenues.Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.09.22 AMI created this spreadsheet where I enter in revenue data from each day and compile it to display trends. This will help primarily with staffing in the cafe and winery, as well as picking for farmers markets. On the graph, you can see that our sales are still spiking on weekends (3-Jun & 10-Jun) but we expect the lines to level out a bit as summer continues and we get busier during the week. It’s been rewarding being able to use the excel skills I’ve learned in a real setting and to display information in a way that others can’t, but greatly appreciate.


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