Week 4- Pratt & Whitney

My fourth at Pratt and Whitney has been filled with more training, but the training is allowing me to understand the business full circle. The more I learn, the more interest I gain. During week one there were some things that I was completely confused about and at this point I find myself asking questions like, “Why is this?” or “Why is that?”. It was told to me that I am like a sponge and I soak everything up. I did not notice my level of curiosity, because I ask questions solely out of interest. I am slowly but surely gaining more responsibility and I am excited. Next week, I will be traveling to one of our engine centers in North Berwick, Maine. I am hoping that this will be a positive experience and give me opportunity to see material. This week has been especially interesting because, I am learning more about others in my group. In the beginning, I reservations about certain interactions, but now that I am getting know my team I see us building positive relationships. At the end of Week 4, I feel like I am finally starting to settle into the position and now the real magic will happen.


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