Week 4: Coyote Logistics

The fourth week of interning at Coyote Logistics in Denver, CO has come to a quick end and the summer seems to be flying by. For the first two weeks of the internship…myself, and the 7 other interns went through class room training. On the contrary, the past fortnight for interns has been the total opposite of what the internship entailed throughout those first two weeks. In the classroom, it is difficult to portray the fast-paced, highly intense, and overly competitive work environment that we have been thrown into for the remainder of the summer. Intimidating at first, the “sales floor” where I perform carrier sales, is a loud and rambunctious office scene that is unique all its own.

Last week, our first week on the floor, was an adjustment period that was full of learning experiences. This week however, was a time to get settled in and become more comfortable with the tasks at hand. Sitting to my left, is a senior carrier sales representative that will be my mentor throughout the summer. This week each intern had to sit down and formulate daily, weekly, and long-term goals with their mentors. Some of the goals my mentor and I decided on are the following: 50-75 phone calls a day and at least 2 + sales a day for the remainder of June, 10 + sales for next week and an increase of 2 sales a week on top of that going forward, and for the summer, to do $100,000 dollars in brokered freight sales for the company. At first, $100,000 in sales for the summer sounds crazy, but in the last two weeks I am up to 14 sales totaling in at $19,250. The freight I am selling ranges from $150 to $6,000 for a single haul. Therefore, each day is a battle but there is always a big sale one phone call away.

This past week had its ups and downs but in totality it was a great week! Thursday I had my best day yet, making a total of five sales for customers like Heineken and Kellogg’s. Thrilled from the day before, today (Friday), was my hardest and worst day on the sales floor yet. Coming in with a total of zero sales for the day, I spent most of the day being a problem solver and not a salesman. Coming along with the sale is the responsibility to service or track the freight, to make sure it picks-up and delivers on-time. This task can come with an array of issues or reasons why someone can be late or something can go wrong. Friday was that in a nutshell. For example, two of my drivers on different loads both missed their scheduled delivery appointments and now are rescheduled for Monday, they were not happy to hear that and I had to embrace their emotional responses and deflect in a professional manor. Also, on another one my loads I had a truck break-down and now we may have to get a new carrier in there to save it (referred to as a “bounce”) but since I am not there this weekend, the result will have to wait till Monday.

Those are just a few hiccups I have experienced in the past day, so there are many more to come throughout the summer. I hope everyone is enjoying their internships this summer, I look forward to reading more about them!

Thank you for your time,

Tyler Schwaner


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