Week 4 Auto-Owners

This week at Auto-Owners was a shortened one due to being on vacation Monday and Tuesday. There was still a lot going on in the world of subrogation. I have been continuing to work on reviewing claims and going over monthly reports. One of our team members had her baby on Tuesday afternoon so I will be taking over some of her duties while she is on maternity leave. As of this moment I am not exactly sure what those duties will be but I will find out on Monday.

I have finished most of my projects quicker than my boss and supervisor expected so I have had a decent amount of busy work some days. Sometimes this is good, but it can get very boring and tedious. I am one of the people that has access to the system to run asset checks for the reps. When they have a case where an insured’s limits are lower than the claim or someone is uninsured they ask us to run an asset check. The asset check gives almost all the information you need. It will give their name, birthdate, social security number, current and previous addresses and vehicles owned. Obviously, I can’t just look up anybody’s information. I need to have a request and a claim reference number otherwise I could face legal charges if I just started looking up people. These asset checks let our reps know if we should pursue the at-fault party and the chances that we will get our money back from them. The more assets, the better the chance of receiving money from them. We do not want to involve the legal team if they don’t have any way to pay us back the money from the claim.

Also, I had my 30 day review this week. I sat down with my manager to discuss how I am doing, what I like/dislike, etc. I received a lot of positive feedback and they are impressed with my progress and are going to give more difficult tasks to complete. I enjoy working for Auto-Owners and in the subrogation department. For my discussion post interview I learned a lot from her about her experiences and things that will help me in the future. We talked for about 45 minutes, and I’m sure I will be picking her brain with questions a couple times before the summer is over.


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