Week 2 @Speedway

Starting out my second week at Speedway I was finally able to start on the register in the store. Before starting, I was warned that there are many different types of people who come through the store and some are more frightening than others.  Since customer service is big at Speedway I was afraid of making a mistake during an order and being yelled at by a disgruntled customer. I was not worried by the different people but when I didn’t pick out the correct cigarette or understand what lottery ticket a customer wanted I was shocked. People are impatient but this makes sense at a gas station/convenience store.

The best part of my week was going to corporate to sit in on training classes for 2 full days. The first day covered Speedway’s Foodservice Development Program. This covered some history on the company and the importance of food safety in the stores. Proper cleaning of equipment, maintaining safe temperatures and most importantly proper grooming (leading cause of food borne illnesses is caused by poor personal hygiene).  The second day of classes I received a Field Leader’s Guide. This day covered the duties of a store manager and the benefits of working at Speedway. For every employee, Speedway offers a great 401k plan, health care plan and offers to pay a percentage on college expenses during employment.

Next week I will be given more duties, including but not limited to; ordering shipments, supplier invoices, and managing the inside of the cooler (that should be fun).


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