Week 2 at Target

I feel like the last two weeks have flown by.  I do look forward to the two day weekend ahead of me.  I am still on the fence whether I like the way Target schedules.  Retail in general people work weekends, holidays, and nights.  This is something I’ve known for a long time, but still am unsure if I really like it.  That being said, in the last two weeks, there has been very little office time other than doing some training modules.  Most of the time has been spent on the sales floor either shadowing a leader or learning about a team member’s perspective.  After the end of two weeks, I feel way more comfortable with the general workings of the operation and feel comfortable diving into more higher level learning.

One of the main things I am looking for out of this internship is to become a better leader, as well as learning ways to improve sales.  I can generate a lot of questions when it comes to these two goals.  How do different leaders make decisions?  How do their decisions impact the way team members behave?  How does the behavior of a leader impact the behavior of a team member?  How does signage help with increasing sales?

The focus of this week was logistics.  I spent two mornings unloading the truck, sorting and putting away inventory, learning about how inventory flows through the building, how the store is measured and learning about ways to improve on these scores.  I do feel like I spent enough time putting products on shelves and would like to focus more on filling empty spaces as well as managing cross merchandise.  All in all, though I need to figure out ways to better lead others to achieve those goals.

I would like to start working on some opportunities to increase our lowest performing departments, as well as increase our REDcard sign-ups.  A few other things I need to work on is logging the activities I do during this internship, logging my questions and ideas, and networking with other leaders.


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