MSU Swine Farm Week 4

Replaced Curtain

Curtain in need of replacement

This week at the MSU Swine Farm, we have been repairing 20 year old curtain systems.  These curtain systems are on the outside of the barn and automatically lower and raise with the temperature.  During the winter the curtain are all the way up and shut off, so when spring and summer come around the curtains begin to show their age by breaking or just not working at all and this past winter most of the curtains reached the point of needing immediate repairs.  This summer we’ve decided to completely replace all of the curtains around the farm and it is going to take at least another month to fully replace everything.  This curtain system is very important because it allows for proper ventilation during the summer months, proper air flow provides cooler temperatures for the livestock inside.  There are large barn fans on one side of each room in the barn and then curtains on the other, when the static air system determines that the room temperature is to high then it will turn the fans on and lower the curtains.  Repairing these systems is not easy and requires plenty of patience and man hours, there is a complex mix of cables, pulleys, and rods that all need to be the correct length to work together efficiently.  When everything is all done, this ventilation can help provide livestock with the proper ventilation that will prevent stress and overheating which could lead to death.


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