Greenstone Credit Week 4

This week has been fairly exciting at GreenStone. For the first three days, I keyed financials. We have a large backlog, so that is what most of my days consist of. On Thursday, the other Commercial Lending Unit (CLU) interns from East Lansing and I took a trip to Grand Rapids to visit the other CLU intern at his home branch.

The four of us are working on the peer comparison project, so we felt it would be good to take a day for all of us to sit down in a conference room and work together to develop a project management plan for completing the project. We spent the morning completing that. We went out to lunch and ate at a small, local diner, where I had the world’s best Philly cheesesteak. It was so good that I felt it was important to mention here.

On Friday, I worked out of Caro again. It was a very productive day. I was able to interview a Financial Services Officer and shadow a credit analyst. Then, I sat down with an analyst who was an intern last year and was able to ask questions about our peer comparison project.


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