Week 4 – The Andersons

This week calls for some kind of celebration because our third and final inspection is now done and over with. On top of the regular work routine of filling trucks with fertilizer, we have been working hard to keep everything organized and in tip top shape for the inspectors coming through. The push for side dressing nitrogen has been in full swing this past week and I have been filling a lot of applicators up with liquid fertilizer. Instead of semi-trucks coming in, it has been more of the applicators being hauled with tractors coming in to fill up.

The week has also been filled with a lot of organizing and condensing chemicals from two or three half full totes into one full tote. This has proved to create much more room in our chemical shed and I appreciate the work space being open now. With condensing the containers down comes the task of rinsing out the ones that are empty. I have spent a lot of hours cleaning and rinsing the totes so they can be stacked and put out of the way.

We have gotten a little bit of rain over the last two days, but nothing like I thought we were going to get. Any rain is appreciated at this point after so many hot, dry days in a row. All of the crops in my area are getting thirsty and everyone hopes the rain they are still calling for will make it to us. Even though the rain slows down our sprayers, we need a good steady rain for the crops to really take off.


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