Week 4 – MSU Culinary Services

There is a lot going on at MSU Culinary Services this week. AOP started which means the food truck will be out twice a day (Lunch and Late Night), we are coming up on the last tasting for 1855, and the way we are scheduling people is changing. Scheduling has been one of the biggest issues that we have dealt with this summer because there is only so many people that can work. Along with that, not everyone can work 40 hours and that has been a huge issue with the number of shifts that we need to fill. The way we schedule people has changed too. We have transferred to Ultratime 2 and I had to go to an information class this week in order to learn how to maneuver through the site. It was helpful, but they only had us on the test site which was really unorganized as the types of shells we have to make for the shifts were not editable as they will be in the live site. Another issue that has seemed to arise as the weeks go on is the way that employees are disciplined when they fail to show up for their shift or are late. This operation is one of the smaller sites at MSU and is one of the hardest to fill. As I have worked in South neighborhood before, I know that Human Resources makes it extremely clear that you are only allowed so many freebies before you are fired. Unfortunately, due to small size, we give a lot more freebies out than most people due because we cannot afford to lose people. It would be easier if we were allowed overtime to get things done, but being a student, they do not allow that. It is super disappointing when people do not do as they are told or show up when you depend on them, but what can you do when you need them in the future?


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