Week 4 Earthy Delights

This week was a very big step for me. This is the second week that I am filling in for one of the main salesman as he is out on neck surgery. I believe I have done pretty well tending to his accounts. Pretty much everything has gone smoothly but there was a few main issues this week that popped up. First off, I suggested some mushrooms to a customer that we had in our inventory. These mushrooms are known as wine caps and are highly perishable. I shipped a six pound container to him and they arrived in very bad condition, I had to give this customer a full refund. Second, I got an order from a  customer who wanted two cases of a hot sauce product we sold that contained 12 to each case. We only had 23 and I ended up shipping out the 23 to him without informing him about the fact that it is one bottle short of his order. I feel like this is a bad mistake I made.

The week as a whole was good though. We are currently converting to a new purchasing and logistics system too which has been very hectic. The sales team needed to sit in on a meeting and I needed to tend to multiple phones at once which was stressful. No issues arose from this which was good.

The las thing I would like to talk about is the awesome summer truffles that we got in recently. They smell amazing, like sweet molasses. This fungus is very prized and changes its flavor profile thought the seasons, winter truffles have fore robust flavor which go for a higher price and summer truffles have a more delicate and smooth flavor.   This picture below is of Oregon black summer truffles. Very prized by many chefs around the world.IMG_4643


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