Week 4 (CED)

Week 4 marked the conclusion of my time in receiving and i moved on to different sections of the company. On Tuesday i started what we refer to as the wire section. This area is one of our most important because a lot of our sales are based on the sales of electrical wires. Back then, wires only had one color and typing but nowadays, there are a bunch of different wires. We have NM-B which are non metallic electrical wires and MCAL which are Metal Clad wires. We also have different types of wires such as “Bus Drop” “ALSER” “Coppor” “liquid tite” “Steel tite” and many more. This part of the job requires cutting of the wires and the people that work here spend all day making cuts of wires to send to customers. This is probably the hardest job in my company and everyone has a lot of respect for the people that work it. After spending a whole day in wire, i was mentally and physically exhausted. I only spent one day in wire and the next day i was moved to counter. Counter is basically our section of the building where customers can actually come in and purchase supplies. Most of our customers are contractors so manning the counter is rather hard. You must understand contractor terminology in order to correctly get what they need from the warehouse. My first couple days there i had no idea what the contractors needed. I also had no idea what the trade phrases they used were. Ill be spending a good deal of time at the counter the rest of summer so hopefully towards the end of my internship i will be a counter pro.


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