Week 4 at Brown Bag Seafood

There last few weeks at Brown Bag have been a very challenging, yet exciting time. The restaurant gets busier and busier every day as we move into the summer season, we have brought on and trained a number of new employees, all while preparing to open a new restaurant in another neighborhood of Chicago. This week really made me appreciate moving out here when I did, so that I could gradually become accustomed to the restaurant operations before it really got too busy, which meant I had a big role to play in personally training employees and being an example for the staff as a whole. Another aspect I have enjoyed is that as intern, I have learned how to operate in a number of different positions, from cashier, to food runner, to online ordering, to tickets (calling the orders in the kitchen as they come through), and even floor management. Knowing how to function in all of these roles made it easy for me to assist and oversee the new hires, while jumping from one position to another to assist with any bottleneck issues the restaurant may be facing. In addition to the front of house operations I have began to get my foot in the door in the kitchen of the restaurant, helping prep proteins, making batter, bagging rice packets, and a little bit of work on the grill/fryer station. These are much harder positions for me to learn as I have little experience preparing food in a kitchen and I would only slow things down during a lunch rush, so I work front of the house during the lunch rush and help out in the kitchen with the PM crew. On a final note, I have been designated manager on duty for the day on Sundays so I open and close the restaurant and oversee the staff for the entirety of the shift, very exciting.


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