Week 3: US Foods Supply Chain/Ops Intern

Another week in the books here at US Foods Detroit, and another eventful one. To start the week I got sit in on a meeting between the VPO, the Transportation Manager, Day and Night Warehouse Manager and my supervisor, the Routing Manager. In it I learned that we measure how transportation is doing based on the monthly transportation cost per case. We were a little above our goal for the month so we know we need to tighten up the screws a bit. I hope to get a chance to look even closer at the monthly financial report because it contains so much information about each department and even the data for our Midwestern partner Cleveland. The next topic of conversation was the emphasis on driver uniforms, many of the drivers have been working here since we were US Foodservice and as a result sometimes resort to wearing older gear. Our VPO has asked that we say something to them if we see a uniform violation because all new gear has been issued and there shouldn’t be any reason for exceptions. Lastly, he wanted to bring attention to the scan rate. When the driver unloads any cases from the truck he is supposed to scan them. This is a tool to help us keep track of inventory going off the truck and be able to catch shorts or extra cases and verify them as they occur.

Then the warehouse supervisors got to speak a little about what issues they’ve been seeing and how to prevent routes from getting out late. In Detroit we have a 6pm cut off for orders, then the orders have to be routed and truck built before they can go down to the warehouse to be picked. Their proposition is to move back final cut off to 5pm, but they aren’t sure how that will go over with sales. To make a more convincing argument, the VPO has asked me to keep track of how many orders actually come in between 5 and 6, how many customers have the ability to order after 5 and of the orders in the last month can we identify which customers have actually been using this capability so that we can notify them.

I’m excited to take on another project, my domicile to layover costing is going really well. Every week I feel like I learn new strategies to get the best possible savings on a route. I’m nervous to present it to the routing manager and the VPO but I know they will provide a different perspective and give me valuable feedback.


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