Week 2- Sam’s Club

I was given much more responsibility in my second week as Club Management Intern. On Monday morning the Fresh Department Manager’s boss from very high up in Corporate visited our Club. Parker (fellow intern) and I were invited to sit in on the meeting. It started off with a very warm welcome but went south quickly as they found many problems with the operation in the Fresh Foods Department. Fresh is by far the most important area in the club because produce drives membership sales, and membership sales are 100% profit for the company. If a family wants to buy their produce from our Club, then they will be able to do all of their shopping there as well. That’s why this meeting between Fresh Department Team leader, Mike and his superiors was very important for our success.

Mike took the criticism he was dealt, and he was able to make some changes in the department and we ended up having a great week in sales, number one Club in our region in fact. Parker and I did a lot of work in inventory management and merchandising this week. We were tasked with taking stock of the household items as well as the seasonal products, a task that must  be done every other week. The coolest part of the week came when we were informed that in 2 weeks, the company would be paying for us to go to work in the Traverse City Sam’s Club. They will be paying for our housing, gas, and hourly traveling. It’s safe to say I am looking forward to a little bit of adventuring in a few weeks time.


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