Week 2 Neogen

This was my second full week at Neogen Corporation. This week was different from last in many ways. One was that many of the sales, marketing and product managers from the international offices were visiting our building. Neogen has offices in Mexico, Scotland, Brazil, England, India and and China. Representatives from each of these places  were here from Monday to Wednesday to meet with their counterparts here. It was interesting to meet people who are working for the same company as you, but from the other side of the world. On Tuesday we had a BBQ for my department, and I had the chance to speak with the product manager from England who is working on one of the projects I have been assigned to. It was good to see the project from her side of view instead of just how we see it here in Lansing. Wednesday after work the entire sales, marketing and product management departments left for their annual international sales meeting in Ohio. All the international employees as well as workers from the Kentucky and Nebraska offices all meet there to go over how the past fiscal year went and to plan for next year. Thursday and Friday were strange days at the office because there were only about 10 people in the entire building when there is normally over 100. It was very different from usual because normally people are coming in and out of our office all the time and it was dead silent the last couple days. Everyone will be back on Monday and it will be business as usual.


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