Week #2: Blog Post

This past week at my internship I learned about the logistic aspect of our store. I was very excited for this week because I have a lot of interest in learning about a company’s logistics and distribution management aspect. Being that our store receives shipment on Monday, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, on Monday morning we started at 6 am where we first received shipment from a truck and it was our job to get those boxes onto a conveyor belt, where they then get separated into their specified departments. I was also surprised to see that there were only 12 members, 13 including myself, there to help get the boxes off the trucks.

Once the boxes were off the truck and the conveyor belt, we then separated and organized each box to their correct department and then put it on a moving crate. I also found out that this week was when our Executive Team Leader of Logistics (ETL-Logistics) was going to implement a new plan of putting shipment out onto the sales floor. I was told that for the past 15 years or so, they used a system called the “WAVE” which involved the logistics team members to work in a wave, meaning that all members would work together in each department to unbox and put the products on the shelves. This past Monday was when they implemented a new system where the ETL-Logistics would now section off team members into specific departments, to help be more effective and reduce the overall time. As the ETL-Logistics and I walked around the store and observed the team members it had seemed that they were adapting to this system pretty well. When we asked for feedback, I wasn’t surprised to hear that were not overly thrilled about this new method, but didn’t completely disagree with it.

Being that it was the first time trying this new method, the ETL-Logistics did not know how this would turn out, so he took this week as a test-trial. Although him and I were excited to see how this new way would turn out, he reminded me that most of his team members are typically older and have been doing the same system for 15+ years, so they may not agree with this new method. He also mentioned that being that he is leading a crew from a different generation, they tend to not like change and prefer to do things the way they have been doing it for years. I found it interesting when trying to adapt to working and leading people of cross-generation. It was never something I would have ever had to experience.

In summary, I found this week being a very interesting learning process. Being that I have a lot of interest in learning the logistic aspect of a store I found this week to be very exciting! I was happy to see that it was a big learning week for not only myself but for the whole logistic team. Although I am excited to see what the rest of the weeks of m internship will bring, I am sure this past weeks will be the most memorable.


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