Kroger Week 1

This was our first week here at Kroger and going in everyone was very seriously and ready to get down to business and could feel the tension in the air. I was like wow alright I see how this summer is going to go and the type of competition I have in the internship. There are eighteen of us in a room doing the polite small talk that is almost expected and felt forced and awkward. By the end of our first 8hr day and plenty of small ice-breaking games and hilarious introductions we all loosened up. We all loosened up to the point where we all go out and hangout outside of work and get to know other things about everyone.

Today we finished up the training and normal procedural, ethics and opportunities that we will face in our time in the stores. We were all split into groups where we will have to address a certain part of our stores and try and make something better or more efficient with the problem at hand.

I’m looking forward to finally getting in the store on Friday and actually getting to work!


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