GreenStone- Crop Insurance

This week at GreenStone I got to interact more with GreenStone employees I haven’t met before at their steak fry at their Ionia branch. For my internship, I work mostly in the Grand Rapids and Hart offices, so I have gotten to know all of the employees in Hart and some in Grand Rapids but not really many in the other offices throughout Michigan. It was a good day with good food and good people. It was also a good chance for networking and learning more about GreenStone.

Also, this week we made final decisions for how we want to use our drone and what apps would work best for our company. I am in the process of downloading the apps that I think will work best and hopefully I can have a test flight on Monday with the drone using these apps. Learning how to operate the drone, taking classes, testing, and getting my FAA license has been a longer process than I (we) had thought. We all realize now though that this is a learning process and it will be bitter-sweet when we are no longer in the training stage, but in the performance stage actually using the drone to help create maps.

So far in my internship I have spent most of my time training, using the gps unit, and editing maps. This past week or so however, I have gotten to interact more with the farmers and also learn how to complete acreage reports. In my past jobs I have had experience interacting in person with customers of all ages, but I do need more experience interacting over the phone with customers. I feel like with this internship I will get that experience because I got to call my first farmer this week and discuss with him about meeting up to talk about his maps I edited.


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