CCD Week 4

This week has been an incredibly busy week for both me and the Club. It is currently Member-Guest week, which is when the club hosts a golf tournament for the members when they invite a guest to compete as a duo against other members and their guests. The tournament is paired with multiple events throughout the week, both at the main clubhouse and the summer village area where I work. The weather in Grosse Pointe Farms has been spotty the past few days, which has cut down on the number of people coming to the Summer Village and has forced the pool to be closed once. Weekends are usually very busy for the Summer Village, as it provides a more family atmosphere and gives families more things to do, but this weekend should be the busiest of the year so   far. The tournament will be winding down in the next few days, and members and their guests will be bringing their families to enjoy the Summer Village.

Next week marks the beginning of the swim season, where the Club swim team holds meets with other clubs in the area. The meets tend to get  extremely busy for the Village, as the swimmers, their families and the swimmers and families of the competing club come to the Village for dinner and drinks after the meet is over. During the meets the Village could easily serve hundreds of people throughout the evening.

This week I began to take more management roles at the Village, including scheduling the servers and managing the floor. I have expressed my interest to both my manager and the clubhouse manager that I would like to take on as much responsibility as possible, so hopefully I can continue to do more things around the club and gain more experiences this summer.


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