Capital Michigan

Interesting things going on at Capital Michigan this summer. Some of the office has gone on a business trip to Toledo because of new territory to sell in that region. The area has been plentiful for those that went down there and some colleagues have made over $1,000 this week alone advertising and selling our products. Some clients become rude when our services do not pan out as they envisioned. It is up to us as consultants representing our company as well as that of the company’s we advertise for, to stay calm while clients are acting erratic and try to solve the problem in the most passive way possible. I believe I have done a great job of picking up the product knowledge well and it is something I am pretty proud of myself for. We sell multiple products and they switch every few weeks or so. In order to survive in this atmosphere you must be able to become versatile, learn just about everything about the product, and be able to tailor your sales efforts to whoever you are going to be talking to. It tough however the main focus before all else is learning product knowledge. Once you know all you need to know then you can manipulate your knowledge how you like and experience your full sales potential. The management and sales classes courtesy of Larry Zink, have prepped me for being able to handle rebuttals and given me a solid background in the world of sales in general.


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