AgriGold Intern – Week 5

Just like that another week with AgriGold is under my belt. This week was a great week for learning and being humbled as I started doing some prospecting.

Towards the end of the week I started doing some prospecting for my New Customer Recruitment Event that’s at the end of July. This is definitely not my comfort zone. The first prospect that I went to was by far the hardest. The drive there itself was nerve-racking. Once I got out of the truck and approached the farmer it got a bit better, but I was still nervous. We had an okay conversation but nothing too spectacular. If anything driving away from prospecting this farmer was the most teaching moment for myself I’ve had all summer. As I drove away I had a pep talk with myself, practiced what I would say to the next person I visited and took a huge deep breath. The next prospects I visited after that got easier each time. I had to remind myself that I’m trying to get to know these farmers and that I represent AgriGold. That fueled my drive to have confidence and do my absolute best every time I leave my truck to introduce someone to our Brand. Here in Michigan a lot of the farmers in my hometown where I will be doing a good chunk of prospecting are unaware of AgriGold, and have never heard of the brand before. I feel that my role when I walk onto the farm is vital to all views of the company that follow. Although I feel much more confident about prospecting those butterflies in my stomach may never go away and I’ve decided I’m okay with that. If you never push yourself out of your comfort zone you’ll never know what your truly capable of.

Along with prospecting I did a few returns and had my first round of scouting with Advantage Acre (Our Ag Platform) down in Indiana. I had 3 fields that I took stand counts in, on corn that did not emerge well. With the Scouting App on my Ipad I was able to record the stand counts, could add notes, and take pictures to add to the trip. Although there wasn’t any pest or nutrient issues, if there was the App would allow me to add those as well with a picture from a “catalogue” type drop down menu. After that I can send the report to the grower, and can send the report to my corn specialist. I truly think that Advantage Acre is a wave of the future and a great tool for growers who are tech savvy to get involved with. Beyond Thankful for this Opportunity!




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