Week 4: Pond Hill Farm


Jesse (farm intern from Texas Tech), KK (farm operations manager), and myself at the Charlevoix Farmer’s Market on Thursday.

This week, we really stepped up our communication within our organization. On Monday, I created a sign-up sheet with excel for people to meet with the owner Jimmy. He’s usually a hard man to find as he’s out in the fields the majority of his time, but with this in place, he will be in the office for a scheduled time twice a week for department heads to fill him in on upcoming events. I also began meeting with department heads to find out what projects they needed done. I created a list of projects for each department, which Jimmy and I are going to prioritize and delegate. On Tuesday, we had a meeting, mainly to go over wine production and fruit commitments for the upcoming season, but we also went over some expectations for the service staff in the cafe and tasting room, as well as how we plan to start wholesaling our wine to local businesses. I’m in charge of talking to the partial owner of our winery to figure out what steps we need to take to legally wholesale our wine and to local restaurants


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    • Well I started working at the Cafe at Pond Hill four years ago as a dishwasher when I was still in high school. For the last two summers, I have been a server in the cafe, but at the end of last summer I sat down with the owner, Jimmy, and we worked out this business internship! It’s been really gratifying because over the past few years I’ve considered finding a new summer job where I could make more money, but I stuck with Pond Hill because of the awesome people that work here and the relaxed but industrious work environment, and it definitely paid off.

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