Week 4 Infinity Ovation Yacht

This week at work was pretty good besides one thing. I deciding to work at another location through the company because I was only scheduled three days on the yachts. So decided to work at Ford house kitchen I scheduled to work from eight a.m. to two p.m. Monday thru Thursday but my first day supposley working their was a disater. So on Monday I got there ten minutes early and no one was there so I just thought to myself maybe I am just too early but then twenty minutes pass and no one is still there so at this I am furstrated because there is no reason the head chef should be this late. So I then walked into the kitchen to see if anyone has arrive and the whole building lights were off so at this point I have been at this place for forty minutes and no one has arrive so I communitcated with my boss that schedules to work at this location to notify her that I am leaving because this is unprofessional. By the time U get back home I get a call saying I should come back because someone is now there but I was so mad I felt as why should I come back because you were late and had me just sitting outside waiting for you and it was my first day working at that location. I decided not to work there for the rest of the due to what happened my first day going there I thought it was so umproffesional.


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